Berry Cozy

We added raspberries to our wonderfully rich, full-bodied Imperial Stout to deliver a fabulous experience

The sweet smell of raspberries blend wonderfully with coffee and chocolate like aromas. Raspberry flavors continue to soften and slightly sweeten this robust Imperial Stout. Red raspberries contain a good deal of antioxidants and while we won’t claim this beer has health benefits we do think it will definitely make you smile! Our choice of classic UK derived hops add balance. There is a subtle dessert like quality found in this beer, however it is still a wonderfully made BEER at the end of the day.

Northern Brewer, Styrian Golding and UK Golding
Great Western 2-Row, Great Western C-60, Bairds Chocolate, Briess Roasted Oats, Briess Roasted Barley, Briess Black Prinz
On Tap / 16oz Crowler Cans

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