Juniper Buzz

Crisp, clean, barrel-aged lager with a wonderfully complex history.
5.3% ABV23 IBU11.4P OG

Aging flavors and ingredients over time created rich, intricate earthen and botanical notes in this barrel-aged lager -- liquid proof that when friends and passionate makers collaborate... magic happens. 

We teamed up with our Slabtown friends, Freeland Spirits, to craft this barrel-aged beauty. The barrel itself has a history steeped in amazing flavors. It started off as a Pinot barrel, and if you know how good Oregon Pinots are you’ll know this is a solid foundation for flavors. Freeland then aged some honey in there… and then Freeland aged their Geneva (style gin) in there… and then their team of Free Spirits chose us to add THE LAGER to this special barrel. The result is simple divine. Velvety smooth, crisp, clean layers of honey and gin botanicals perfectly complimenting THE LAGER you already know and love.

Nugget, Centennial, Idaho 7's, Cascade and Mosaic
Great Western Premium Pilsner, Rahr 6-Row, Briess Flaked corn and Great Western Dextra Pils.
On Tap / 16 oz Crowler Cans - Limited time

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