New Moon

English style pale ale with hints of caramel sweetness balanced by noble hop aromas
5.7% ABV50 IBU13P OG
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With this creation we wanted to highlight the many classic, bold winter flavors of the Pacific Northwest. We absolutely love innovation and the ever quest of exploring new ingredients with wild, tropical fruit flavors; however, on this tasty treat, we used a tried and true hop blend to bring out notes of caramel sweetness balanced by noble hop aromas. We paired that with a smooth blend of tasty malts delivering a flavor profile that is distinctly Portland.

Crosby Nugget, Hollinberry Styrian Golding, Hollingberry UK Golding, HollingBerry Northern Brewer, Crosby Chinook and Yakima Chief Simcoe
Great Western 2-Row, MainStem Evergreen Pale, Mainstem Cascadia Pilsner, Great Western Biscuit Rye, Great Western White Wheat, and Great Western Dextra Pils
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