Slow Moments

West Coast Double IPA with intense aromas of blackberry and pungent hops - drink slow, savor the moments.
7.8% ABV70 IBU16.3P OG

Slow Moments was created to remind us all to enjoy these last days of summer and good conversations with friends.  This beer will slow down your perception of time with its pungent aroma and clean finish, not just its high ABV. The brand new hop variety Talus and the underappreciated Idaho Gem lend intense aromas of berries, tropical fruit, and dank hops. We balanced these hops with a blend of Pilsner and 2 Row malt with our signature touch of crystal malts. We hope you enjoy this intense yet clean and balanced beer--Go ahead and lose track of time, deep in conversation with a friend.

Nugget, Talus, Idaho Gem
Great Western Premium Pilsner, Rahr 2-Row, Thomas Fauccet CaraMalt, Grain Millers Flaked Barley, Thomas Fauccet Crystal II and Dextrose
On Tap / 16 oz Crowler Cans - Limited time

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