State of Excitement - Collaboration

Introducing State of Excitement -- an IPA formulated by members of the Oregon Brewers Guild

A nuanced West-Coast IPA featuring Comet, Citra®, Simcoe®, and Strata™ hops; this beer offers a promise of better days to come. With soft aromas of citrus and pollinating pine, the juicy tastes of grapefruit, orange, and a hint of apricot convey the memory of sunshine and joyful bliss. Drawing out such memorable features, the use of Oregon's own Imperial Yeast's hybrid Dry Hop yeast, bears the weight of carrying these flavors to the finish line. 

Appearance: Hazy orange-yellow Aroma - citrus, grapefruit, pine 

Taste - citrus, grapefruit, pine, apricot, peach Mouthfeel - Dry, medium bodied, balanced sweetness, light residual bitterness 

You'll be able to pick up a four pack of 160z cans at any of our participating collaborators: Barsideous, Bend Brewing Co., Bevel Beer, Binary Brewing, Boneyard Beer, Breakside, Brewery 26, Deluxe Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, ForeLand Beer, Gigantic Brewing, Hammer & Stitch Brewing, Heater Allen, HUB, Leikam Brewing, McMenamins, Ninkasi, Sasquatch Brewing, StormBreaker, Threshold Brewing, Unicorn Brewing/PDX U-Brew, Von Ebert, Weekend Beer Co., West Coast Grocery, Wild Ride Brewing, Wolf Tree Brewery, and Yachats. 

4 Pack 16oz Cans

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