Summer Operation

Dank, juicy West Coast IPA with a super-smooth finish. Enjoy the good things!
7.1% ABV50 IBU15.2P OG
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Summer Ops is a lighter version of THE IPA. It’s brewed with Pilsner malt, allowing the hops to really, truly shine. 

In every aspect of our business, we do our best to support local, family-owned businesses. In this phenomenal take on THE IPA we went heavy on the Crosby Strata hops from our dear friends at Crosby Farms and dug deep with Vancouver’s Greatwestern Malts on a incredible and unique malt bill giving this IPA an fantastically super-smooth finish.You want to taste the Pacific Northwest? Here it is.

Brewers Supply Group Summit, Crosby Strata, Yahima Chief Talus, Yakima Chief Citra
Great Western Superior Pilsen, Great Western DextraPils, Great Western C15

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