Amazing new tagline for this beer is coming soon. Short, succinct and tasty.
6.3% ABV54 IBU14.6P OG

We reach deep in to the soul of the PNW to expertly craft this classic, refreshing, hop-forward beer.  Caramel, Munich and 2-Row malts set the groundwork for this new standard. Make no mistake, the heart of this beer is a meticulous selection of mighty hops. Citrus flavors, piney aromas and some true-to-form hoppy bitterness create the perfect compliment to the bright, new, tropical flavors infused in this well-balanced beer.

Old School ā€œCā€ hops and some cool-kid new-school hops
2-Row, Carafoam, C-40
Year Round / On-Tap / 12oz Cans

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