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Cameron Murphy - the One who Brews

Cameron Murphy here! Like Ben Dobler, you probably don't remember him from YouTube hits like Laurelwood Brew News 17 and Laurelwood Brew News 18, “stay frosty”. Cameron started his brewing journey bussing tables at Laurelwood brewery after high school. He quickly made his way into the brewery by convincing the brewers to let him wash kegs and clean parts. Cameron was interested in being a craftsman like his dad and his grandfather. His time spent in the brewery inspired him to pursue beer as his own craft. Cameron spent the next several years learning everything he could from his fellow brewers and others in the industry. In 2016, he increased his understanding of brewing knowledge by completing the American Brewers Guild IBS&E course. Cameron continued to work his way up in the brewery, eventually becoming the Brewmaster at Laurelwood. As an opportunity to continue learning and exploring beer, he took a position with a new brewery called Von Ebert. Working for a new brewery, Cameron learned how to navigate the challenges of establishing a brewery’s identity and culture. 

Cameron’s various experiences will help Hammer and Stitch adapt to the rapidly changing beer industry. “I've been looking for a company that I can continue growing with and a company that shares my values, “ Cameron says about the opportunity to work with Hammer and Stitch. “I believe that it all boils down to being Brave and Hospitable. I can't wait to serve and work with all you fellow makers out there!”



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