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Fun. Soul. Grit.

Fun is...

a sunny day on the deck with friends and my dog.

going on walks through the city.

shopping for new clothes and finding the best deals.

experimenting with design.

watching tv shows and relaxing.

drinking beers on a hot summer day.

Soul is...

listening to music on a cold Sunday morning.

cooking southern food that isn’t as good as my great aunts.

it is what it takes to have meaningful conversations with strangers.

learning something new every day.

failing and trying again. 

drinking a beer with your closest friend.

Grit is...

digging in the Goodwill bins to search for buried treasure. 

having meetings in a construction zone. 

moshing at hardcore shows.

re-writing the same sentence over and over to get it just perfect.

creative cursing. 

drinking a beer after a day of hard work (yard work, design work, making beer, whatever)


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