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Inside the Mind of Madison Moody

Where are you from?

I am from a small town, about 30 minutes south of Nashville, called Spring Hill. Fun fact, I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I moved to college!

What brought you to Oregon?

Funny enough, I met and started dating a boy, through Instagram in 2018, that lived in Oregon. I visited several times, over the year and a half that we dated long distance and fell in love with the city. I graduated from college in May of 2019 and knew I wanted to move away from Tennessee. So, I drove my car across the country, full of my things, to Oregon!

What is the biggest difference between Oregon and Tennessee?

The weather is a big difference. While both places are rather temperate, there are thunderstorms in Tennessee, but there aren’t many in Portland. Here, it just kind of mists all of the time. Another big difference is the culture. The south is just a different place. 

Did college prepare you for the “real wold?” 

Yes and no. A lot of what I learned in school prepared me to critically think through challenges and work hard (and how to stay up all night and somehow function the next day).

What brand(s) inspires you and how?

Hard to pick. In terms of clothing, a brand out of New York called Collina Strada, because they are an environmentally focused brand that creates unique fits and dyes. I am also really inspired by a Portland restaurant called Luce, I love the atmosphere and the food is really good.

What is your first memory of beer?

I won’t say the year (sorry mom), but my first memory of beer was around a fire, on a beach, on an island off of the coast of Maine. I think it was a Franks.

What is your most memorable craft beer experience?

I was at a going away party in college and the guy got himself a Sierra Nevada keg. A friend did a keg stand on said keg.

Did you ever think you’d be working in beer?

Nope. I imagined myself working in fashion, but the opportunity to work at Hammer & Stitch was presented to me and I really liked how the brand was explained. I really wanted to be a part of starting something great. 

What is one material item you can’t live without?

My computer. I do most of my work from it, I make art on it, and I can watch movies and shows. Lol.

You can take only the following to a deserted island, what are they:

2 albums – channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean and Nonstop Feeling by Turnstile 

2 outfits – swimsuit and an oversized tee and shorts. Got to be practical. 

2 beverages – water and endless mojitos 

2 foods – Pasta from Luce and Ramen

2 tools you’d want – An ax to cut down tress for firewood and to build a hut and a lighter?

Do you have a favorite saying?

Ain’t no thing.

Nunchucks or throwing stars, why?

Throwing Stars. My dad always says that distance is your friend.

Fiction or nonfiction, why?

Depends on my mood, but if I had to choose I would say non-fiction. I like to read about art and design theory, and I really like to read about cults.

Guitar or bass, why?

On Guitar Hero, guitar, because you get to play more notes.

Hardwood floors or carpeted floors, why?

Hardwood with a rug. Best of both worlds and easier to clean, especially with a dog.


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