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Love All Styles

We honor the uniqueness of every person, value the ways that our individual differences make us stronger, and create a safe space to celebrate all styles. 

In beer, there are roughly 100 styles of beer, from Lager to Gose, and we love all of ‘em. Every beer is different, in flavor profile, history, ingredients, brewing method, and color. When asked what his favorite beer or beer style is, Ben usually responds with, “The one that is in my hand!” This isn’t an abdication to the question but is the values of Hammer & Stitch Brewing Co. We truly love all styles. 

This love extends beyond beer. Much like how the many styles of beer complement and support each other, diversity in thought and lifestyle makes us all stronger than we would be individually. While we understand there are an infinite number of “styles of people,” each with their own unique combination of traits, we carry the same sentiment. Love all styles is part of our core values as a company and members of the community. 

This is a really exciting aspect of starting a new business; beer being the common thread, we get to cultivate a strong community that supports and accepts every style of person. Now more than ever, we want to be leaders of change. Beer has always been a good way for people to talk and listen. Thru beer, Hammer & Stitch will create an environment, where all styles are loved and welcome. 

With the exception…. Oppressive, bigoted, and racist styles will not be welcome or tolerated. “Those folks can fuck off,” yells Ben from across the brewery! 

We look forward to sharing pints with you all and celebrating your style and love!


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