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Madison Moody - the One that does Marketing

Madison, our very first employee, is a Portland transplant. Almost a year ago, she moved from Knoxville, Tennessee, where she was studying Graphic Design and Printmaking at The University of Tennessee, but she grew up outside of Nashville, Tennessee, in a small town called Spring Hill, best known for a GM Plant. 

During college, Madison spent the majority of her time working towards her degree and working, in a kitchen at a pizza restaurant. In her free time, she enjoyed going to local shows at a venue called the Pilot Light, hanging out with friends and her dog, and visiting her long-distance boyfriend, who surprise, lived in Portland.

After graduation, in May of 2019, Madison started looking for a job, preferably in Portland. From a sweet recommendation from her boyfriend’s aunt, Madison set up a meeting with Ben. One thing led to another and Madison packed up all of her things and drove her 2007, bright red, Honda Accord across the country, in 4 days. 

Ok, business is over. Onto the more interesting things about Madison. The some of the most important things to her are her dog Tripp and boyfriend Cole. She loves taking long walks around Portland with the two of them and shopping at the many great local clothing stores, especially vintage stores. She loves her family, both near and far, and travels to see her Tennessee family, whenever she can. She loves going to the Goodwill Bins and sifting through the piles of clothes to find hidden gems. 

A big draw to the job at Hammer & Stitch, for Madison, was her love of beer! She can be found on most sunny days on the patio, soon to be the Hammer & Stitch patio, drinking a beautiful lager!


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