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What is Oktoberfest?

Besides a great excuse to drink beer and eat delicious food, what's the deal with Oktoberfest?


The worlds largest beer fest.  Over 6 million people.  Running 16 to 18 days in Munich, Germany every late September.  But it wasn't always like this.

Way, way back in 1810...  Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen invited all the citizens of Munich to their royal wedding.  The festivities included horse racing, singing, dancing, and yes, of course, drinking.

Over time, the festival expanded to include tree climbing, agricultural games, bowling, and eventually it evolved into a full-fledged carnival.  

These Bavarians really knew how to throw a party.  It was such a hit, that they did it again the next year (minus the wedding).  And the next year.  And the next year and...


...and now Oktoberfest has modernized and multiplied.  It's made concrete progress, expanding to consciously include previously excluded religious minorities, women, and the queer community. 

Now celebrated across the world in hundreds of cities.  Including, of course, SLABTOWN.


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