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The Life of a Beer Can

You're walking down the aisle at your local bottle shop when you spot The Lager.  Clean, crisp, refreshing--It needs a good home, so you take it up to the check out.  But how did that can of beer come to sit on that shelf?  Take a look behind the scenes...

First we call up our mobile canning service!  This is where all the magic happens.  We start off with 2 raw materials: plain old empty aluminum cans destined for something great, and our deliciously refreshing, hand crafted beer chilling in our Brewery's shiny stainless steel tanks.  Time for these 2 to meet!
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Second, we convey the empty cans over to the filler, which pumps our brew into each can, ensuring proper net content.  Next we seal the lids onto the cans, displacing any oxygen present with Nitrogen, to maintain the highest quality of freshness.  That lets you stock up on your beer cans and they won't expire right away!
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Third, so the beer is now happily in the can, let's slap a label on there, arrange them into 4-packs, and stack them on a pallet!  Oooh they look so good!
Meet our distributor!
Finally, now this little beer can is ready to see the world!  You'll find us in markets all over Portland, including places like John's Marketplace, New Seasons, and Black Rose Market!  But of course, you can (and should) visit us at our Slabtown Taproom to get your beer directly from our Makers.
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