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It all started off as a way to connect with all of you guys! Ben and Cam make some of the most incredible beers in the world but haven't been able to have face-to-face tastings since we opened so we conceived TOASTS with HOSTS as a way to open a really amazing, and meaningful, dialogue with YOU - our customers!

Our entire team was so stoked from the very start. They told us beer was the easy part, and fortunately adding in food was pretty seamless too (because we have an amazing food partner in Grand Cru). We picked a date, tested out our Zoomtastic skills and hit the ground running. GCH set up a tasting for us to finalize our pairings and at about the same time Nicole Kasten agreed to be our superstar MC for the event.

So yeah, like that, TOASTS with HOSTS was born. We offered a full traditional and vegan pairing menu to go along with THE LAGER, THE IPA, THE PORTER, Night, Low Pressure System and Berry Cozy. For those of you who joined us you already know this... but we topped this amazing package off with some goodies - an extra 4-Pack of THE LAGER and some badass Hammer & Stitch glassware. (Menus below for reference)

Tasting Menu       Vegan Tasting Menu

BEST Hosts ever!

We can't thank you enough - for real though - without your amazing conversation and insights on beer, the beer industry, food and other culinary delights - we would have been eating and drinking in silence. Instead, we all got the amazing opportunity to participate in an amazing discussion with these industry mavericks - AND you got to do it in the comfort of sweatpants, slippers and a messy bun.

We crafted an event that aimed to pull together amazing Portland beer-world insights with an incredibly tasty menu and tons of fun conversation from our amazing hosts and honestly - we can't wait to do it again!

What was your favorite part?

  • Amazing beers?
  • Unique culinary bites?
  • Our Hosts’ expertise?
  • Trivia, Q&A and Chats?

No doubt we would have preferred to have done this in-person, but we hope that along with us, through Zoom, you felt the same connection we did with Ben, Cam, Alex, Nicole and all the new buddies you made in the chat. Stay tuned for updates on TOAST with HOSTS II coming up soon. We're going to tweak a few things to make the next one even better, but the focus will always be same - getting together with friends to share a beer and some bites - learning, laughing, loving and always celebrating the make!

Come on by the Slabtown Taproom to enjoy our amazing beers and food inside, or outside on our amazing sunny deck. Until then, join us as we dream about THE PORTER + Grape Leaf-Wrapped Lamb, and THE LAGER + Vegan Sushi, mmmm. Oh... that Berry Cozy + that delicious Fudgy Raspberry Brownie... so goooood. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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