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We Love Jojos!

We Love Jojos!

Early on, when this crazy brewery project was being talked about over beers and food, we all came to an agreement – Jojos would be a main staple on our menu. We all grew up eating jojos.  Each one of us could vividly remember the old dingy corner “Minnie-Mart” where we first encountered them.  The warm glow of heat lamps, that created an orange/yellow back drop for these golden treats.  The big red lettered sign outside that proudly stated “Jojos 6 for $1.00!” The smell of grease permeating the air. With their slightly crispy skin and soft potato inside, Jojos are truly a NW treat.  

I’ve now discovered there is a lot of history behind these tasty morsels’ and some good spirited debate to their creation.  In 2017, Willamette Week ran a fabulous article on the history of Jojos.  After reading the comments section, it’s clear there is still cloudiness to their namesake.

We hope when you bite in to one of our Jojos, you too have a flash back to a simpler time of eating food from the corner “Minnie-Mart.”



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